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illingham packaging is a firm that manufactures and distributes corrugated cardboard containers. much of its business is
focused on producing customized containers in small production runs. over the past few years the demand for the company's product
has been quite strong and recently the company has had to turn down some orders from its best customers due to lack of capacity. the
company is therefore considering expanding its capacity by purchasing a new machine, the cx700. unfortunately, the addition of this
machine in illingham's plant will take several months and will partially disrupt production. the direct cost of cx700 is $1,760,000.
the company has cash sufficient to purchase the machine at this price and so no outside financing is needed. if the company chooses
not to purchase the machine, it will immediately pay out this cash to shareholders in the form of dividends.
the following page gives forecasts of illingham's current balance sheet together with forecasts of illingham’s income for the
next ten years under the assumption that illingham does not purchase the machine. even without the new machine, overall capacity
and sales will grow due to other planned improvements in the production process for its other products and divisions.
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