illusion of love

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rite a 1000 - 1200 word essay exploring one of the topics below. remember to avoid plot summary and to support your claims with evidence (and quotations) from the stories. your paper should follow mla format: 12-pt. font, double-spacing, one-inch margins, parenthetical citations, and a works-cited page. (see page 14 in the write stuff for reminders about how to format the first page of your essay; see page 56 for a sample works-cited list; see the bottom of page 52 for advice on how to cite "multiple entries from an anthology.") the sample student essay #1 also shows a correct model of formatting.
the toipic i choose is posted below

in "hills like white elephants," the american tells jig "you know i love you" (592). but in "good people" lane dean jr. thinks about how he has not told sherri he loves her because "it was not true" (218). by the stories' ends, do you believe that the american does love jig? that lane does not
love sherri? justify your position.

my introduction is also below
by the stories' ends, do you believe that the american does love jig? that lane does not love sherri? justify your position.

while reading these literary works, i came up with two questions about what love is. hence, the topic sentence stated above. in my opinion, the illusion of love can spiral out of control. this in turn can create a selfish act which leads to deceptive behavior. in "hills like white elephants", ernest hemingway portrays the "american", as man who loves a woman by the name of "jig." in "good people", david foster portrays lane jr as man who is conflicted about his feeling toward sherri. in both stories, the "american" and lane jr are dealing with illusions of love. in one story, the "american" is "confessing" his love for a jig. however, in another story lane jr. is not showing any proof of his love. love looks beyond personal desires and wants . whereas, the illusion of love gives false hope and taints reality. in both stories, two men are dealing with conflicting within themselves. they "confess" feelings for the women that they "love", but their actions are contradicting their words. the "american" is persistent on giving jig all of his knowledge on abortions. however, he tells her that he loves her no matter her choice on the abortion. his words are not cohesive with his actions. lane jr. is conflicted with an unplanned pregnancy and he does not know how to express his emotions. these conflicting tales give the audience a look into the minds of men, who face these issues constantly.

wallace, david foster. “good people.” the norton introduction to literature:shorter eleventh edition, kelly j. mays. new york: norton, 2013.
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