im looking for someone who can help me chinese economic

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i'm looking for someone who can help me this bonus paper.

the question is number 1 of the file i attached (bonuspaper.pdf)

and i turned in my 1st draft to get some feedback before i submit final draft.

but i got some feedback from professor like following below.

you can just add some material and evidence of what professor said.

this paper should be 10 pages

"i have read your draft but i found it off the topic. the topic you chose is on how china has successfully upgraded its exports. for example, you should look at what china exported 20 years ago, and compare it with what they are exporting now, and find out reasons behind that change. maybe they were exporting more primary goods, or low-end industrial goods 20 years ago, but now they are exporting more high-end industrial goods. this is upgrading exports. what you wrote in the paper has nothing to do with this topic."
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