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this is a clc task but i am in desperate need of help completing my part. here’s what i need to do:

utilizing the model selected by the team, create the detailed implementation plan for the innovation. make sure the plan accounts for contingencies/risks in the implementation process and includes realistic timeframe and budgeting considerations.
contribute an article from the research that was completed on product development or management processes, methodologies, and/or models.
include in-text citations from at least six secondary sources.
the innovation is as follows:
innovation: use a video/dvd set that features superheroes, (i.e., captain america, superwoman, and superman) to teach children about eating healthy and the importance of exercise. although all ages would benefit from this education, children ages 0-12 would be the recommended age group. parents would also interact with their children in preparation of healthy foods and exercises that are promoted by the superheroes creating a role model environment for parents as well as children of all ages. along with the game, superhero caps and t-shirts were suggested as incentive for the kids to gain activity points. the more activities done the more points will accumulate to build an actual superhero suit.
the innovation model used in the evaluation of this idea was:
n: customer need? (will someone will want it?).
• need versus wants/requests. is there a real current or future/emerging need for this. don't focus on the product, focus on understanding the need first.
according to the cdc childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. in 2012, 18% of children ages 6-11 in the united states were obese. adolescents aged 12-19 years increased to 21% during the same period. in 2012, more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. overweight and obesity are the result of “caloric imbalance” – too few calories expended for the amount of calories consumed. obesity can also be affected by various genetic, behavioral and environmental factors.
o: technology options (someone can meet the need)
• are there existing or emerging technologies within your firm, your industry or other industries that can meet the need?
• are there other organizations with similar problems?
• the key is to focus on the problem/need, not the expected solution. is an application maker for iphone, android, blackberry, windows and kindle. appy pie’s analytics allow publishers to monitor user interactions with their apps and measure the overall user behavior and impact. appy pie allows the creator to earn money from your app with appy pie’s dynamic monetization platform that easily monetizes apps with ads or any other rewarding offers. now you can share as many apps from your mobile phone. great features and incomparable services are provided by app pie’s app maker. now with the appy pie’s passes, users can take a real action around the world. create m- commerce apps for better mobile presence of your online store with no coding knowledge needed. send real time push notifications from your iphone, ipad and android and windows or any other apps.
m: potential market? (someone will pay)
• past innovation adoptions/analogs
• customer interactions
• be sure to realistically assess resistance
there was an article by sure quinn in 2013, retrieved from the article was called “the food apps that could be bad for your children’s health”. the article went on to speak about how kids enjoy food-based games – and tablets and smartphones offer a fun, interactive playing experience. but what happens when they are adverts for unhealthy processed food in disguise? also offered a list of apps with the consumer rating(s) and comments about the applications. i did not find any great applications out there that provided the education about why eating healthy and exercise is so important and beneficial. nor were there any applications that included rewards/points where the children can choose a licensed product for successful activity.
m: business model (someone could do it)
• models are "rules of the game" - independent of players
• look at past adoption trends for innovation
• consider analogs of approaches used in other industries
• look at both numbers and logic -- "i could see this being big"
licensing inquires from marvel:
based on past discussions, it appears that there is an:

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