important challenges facing management

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abstract due 9/9/15
in 100 words or less please answer this question
what is an important challenge facing management of organizations today and how would you go about addressing it? this is page one of the task.
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your supervisors have come to you and told you that they want to have a better understanding of maslow's hierarchy of needs. their reasoning is to have a better understanding of where the workers who report to them are coming from in this hierarchy. by doing so, they will be able to communicate better and provide opportunities that may advance them on in the hierarchy.

task guidelines
•research and create a write up for your supervisors that includes the following:
◦what is maslow's hierarchy of needs?
◦what motivates people in each level of maslow's hierarchy?
◦provide an example of what could be done to move a person to a higher level of the hierarchy within your work group.
◦are there other contemporary models out there like maslow's? if so, explain what it is.
◦include any references using apa format.
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