improving decision making: using database software to manage customer service requests

Project Description:

• task 1: examine database information.
1. read the hands-on-mis, "improving decision making: using database software to manage customer service requests," in the textbook on pages 295–296.
2. log on to the companion web site, and download the "hands-on-mis data files" located under essentials of management information systems 9/e.
3. open the database file "es10ch08_questionfile" and examine the fields and observe customer information with special reference to dollar value.
• task 2: design a database that prioritizes customers by value.
1. create a database design that prioritizes the dollar value instead of time of request.
2. create sample service requests per the requirements of the exercise and query the database to analyze the priority of the request.
did it work?
• did you include a database report showing how customer service technicians need to prioritize service calls?
• did your narrative discuss how well the system works in prioritizing higher value service calls and how the database report illustrates the priority?
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