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please paraphrase the following passages in about 1-3 sentences. after this paraphrase, be sure to cite and include a reflective sentence that tells your reader what your paraphrase means. treat the paraphrase like a new source and set it up (tag) properly. when you are finished, make a statement that uses at least one quote from the original passage, cite properly, and make a proper reflective sentence. be sure to use the proper citation for both parts of this task. use the space below the information to do your work.

(1) kornblum, william. “the general slocum disaster.” n.p. n.d. web. 29 june 2010.
all told, 1,021 perished out of the original 1,358 who boarded the general slocum ferryboat on the morning of june 15, 1904. but there were miracles. one little boy was thrown into the river in midstream clutching his stuffed toy dog. he was fished from the river unharmed, still clutching the prized dog. tales of heroism and cruelty filled the newspaper accounts for days and weeks after the event. a heroic captain ran his tug alongside the general slocum in full exposure to the fire and saved over a hundred lives. a measles patient from the island hospital ran into the water despite her fever and saved a few children. a nurse who always wished she could swim ran into the river to grab some children, which she did again and again until she was swept into deeper water, where she discovered that she could swim and continued saving lives. others were antiheros. crowds of souvenir hunters made collecting bodies difficult in the ensuing days. there were some ghoulish stories of onlookers who stripped bodies of their jewelry. and over and again bystanders described the unconscionable behavior of a private captain who was said to have watched the horror from the safety of a great white motor yacht without ever lifting a finger or launching a boat to assist in the rescues.

(2) person, una “the clash” n.p. 2008. web. june 2010.

for a band that was together for only 10 years. the clash looms large in rock music history. they were one of the most successful bands to come out of the original wave of british punk rock in the late’70s, stand as icon for the entire punk rock movement(along with the sex pistols, of course), and , unlike most of their punk peers, could actually play their instruments . they also rejected the nihilism and and anarchy of many of their contemporaries for politicized, highly charged left –wing lyrical and ideological stance. their seminal album london calling makes rock critics” and “ top whatever” list – makers swoon. they only struck gold in america toward the end with “i should stay or should go” and “ rock the casbah”, but from the outset, the clash infused their brand of punk with variety of other musical styles, from ska, reggae and dub to rockabilly, jazz, dance and anything else they thought would fit their punky musical stew.

in –text citations
for each set of questions, you will be given a specific research-writing situation, as well as the necessary information about the source being used. you need to determine how the in – text citation should be present in each case. if you get struck with this activity please refer to the works cited directly below exercise given.
9.) your essay quotes from the cia world factbook about kazakhstan’s economy:
while fossil fuels are an enormous part of kazakhstan’s export power, “the country has embarked upon an industrial policy designed to diversify the economy away from overdependence on the oil sector by developing its manufacturing potential”.
the in-text citation would be: __________________________________
10.) the following sentence uses quotations from p. 57 of the novel pattern recognition and p. 22-23 of idoru, both by the author william gibson.
descriptions of contemporary tokyo in pattern recognition bear little resemblance to the futuristic city as envisioned in idoru; the one is “so differently scaled. a different gauge of model railroad” and the other a “chrome and neon gulch…[with] a reek of putrid fish…muted by the baking-sugar sweetness of chinese gasohol from the vehicles whirring past on the expressway”.
the in-text citation would be: __________________________________
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