in this task you will address the basic cia triad of security and offer suggestions on how to implement them.

Project Description:

review the readings and videos on confidentiality, integrity, and availability, paying attention to the role each component plays in securing data.

for this task, you will need to visualize how these attributes can act together as well as stand separately to offer varying levels of protection.

keeping data confidential is important to protect its privacy. integrity makes sure that data is not improperly altered, either on purpose or by accident. availability makes certain that data is accessible when it is needed.

consider how different types of businesses might combine and choose which of the three to apply (if not all) so as to achieve a means of securing their data in accordance with their particular needs.

procedure and present in a two- to three-page paper how your company utilizes the concepts of confidentiality, integrity, and availability in protecting its data. cite specific examples. the readings in the module and find at least two more on your own.
3.substantiate your argument with multiple properly apa-formatted citations derived from appropriate literature.
4.provide a references page.
fenrich, k. (2008). securing your control system: the "cia triad" is a widely used benchmark for evaluating information system security effectiveness. power engineering, 112(2), 44-45. [jones e-global library®]

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