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you are the disaster recovery consultant. you travel all over the globe providing dr advice to all sorts of companies and government entities and you need your laptop and all the applications and data (from all sorts of entities, some that compete against each other) that are on it. you can barely go 1/2 day without it. as a consultant, you "practice what you preach."
provide a risk assessment of your business laptop that could lead to a professional disaster (loss of use of work laptop). in the event of a laptop incident (cyber attack, loss, contamination, evacuation from building leaving laptop behind, etc.) what is your incident response plan including mitigating steps to ensure everything is left confidential, has integrity, and is available meeting your minimum recovery time and recovery point objectives.
the incident response paper includes the following required elements:
1. develop a risk assessment of your work laptop which meets the recovery time and recovery point objectives
2. incident response plan -- a) confidentiality, b) integrity, c) availability
3. recovery time and point objectives are identified and described in detail with depth and clarity
4. included confidentiality, integrity, and availability in detail with depth and clarity
5. document had no errors in grammar or spelling

need my 11pm et wednesday
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