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for each task, you will complete the following steps:

use the m.u.s.e. link to complete the lab for this unit.
track your results in the lab worksheet that is provided.
complete a lab report using the scientific method.
submit your completed lab worksheet to the task box.
using the laws of inheritance

gregor mendel's studies laid the foundation for modern genetics. in a series of elegant experiments, mendel was able to deduce the most fundamental laws of single-gene and multiple-gene inheritance without having the scientific data on chromosomes, their structure, or meiotic segregation. in this lab, you will learn about and apply examples for 3 different patterns of human inheritance of traits.

in this lab, you will view information and complete activities to answer the following questions about genes and inheritance:

what is a punnett square? how can it be used to analyze possible genetic outcomes for offspring?
what is dominant/recessive inheritance?
what is x-linked inheritance?
what is codominant inheritance of genes?
using the m.u.s.e. link, review the background information and animation to complete your report. use the lab 3 worksheet for task instructions and data collection.

this task worksheet is attached
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