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6 page doubled space with charts as well on these four countries; brazil, south africa, rwanda, and canada. my company is marcel small steps (toilet paper company). the following should be answering in 6 pages,not including one chart. what industry-specific indicators of demnd should you use given the particula company/product you chosen? how would you charaterize the intensity of competition for this product/industry catergoty in each of these countries? how substantial are barriers to enter each counrty for the product/industry categoty? what is the best estimate of the aggregate size of the market for this product/industry catergory--at present, and three years from now--within each of the selected countries? based on the analysis above,which country appears to be the most promising as an export market. in summary you are answering these question in essay form with research to determine why are they good countries to expand in. please include a chart of some sort.i need this due by noon tomorrow.
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