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please and absolutely no plagiarism !!! 250 to 300 world for each question.
certo, s. & certo, t. (2012). modern management: concepts and skills (12th ed.). upper saddle river: pearson/prentice hall. isbn-13#: 9780132176316 are the ceo of a leading manufacturing company. you want to encourage greater upward communication in the organization. what are some ways in which you will be able to accomplish this? discuss in scholarly detail!!
2.the trait approach to leadership assumes a good leader is born, not made. do you agree with this view? explain your answer in scholarly detail!!
3.what are the major forces in the situation that influence a manager's determination of how to make decisions? explain in scholarly detail!!
4.discuss in scholarly detail concepts and theory behind behavior modification and explain how reinforcement and punishment can be used to shape behavior?
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