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assume that you are the lead network security expert in your organization. because of the recent rise in web security issues and the development of the global marketplace, your organization has decided to hire additional network security technicians. once hired, you are to give a report to these individuals designed to illustrate holes in current security countermeasures, along with ways in which these holes can be filled. in your report, ensure you address the areas mentioned below:
an explanation of which web security threats are most prevalent, the hazards they present, and how these threats are exploiting holes in current security countermeasures
an explanation of the actions that should be taken to prevent existing web security countermeasures from being exploited
an assessment of the pros and cons of choosing to implement measures such as firewalls, access control measures, and cryptographic systems
for additional details, please refer to the scenario task module eight guidelines and rubric document in the task guidelines and rubrics section of the course.
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