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the essay focuses on reports that are written to inform readers about plastic surgery. very often this kind of writing calls for some kind of research: you need to know your subject in order to report on it! when you write to report information, you are the expert. of course we have the guidance of the field guide for this type of writing task and in a moment we will look at what the guide has to say, but first, here are the guidelines for your report paper.

you are writing an informative paper about a topic either from your field of study in the future or about a topic you are studying in one of your other classes that deals with information; choose from a history class, a philosophy class, a psychology class, or a biology/science class. you must be able to prove that you are studying this topic or will be studying this topic during the coming semester. the report needs to be three to four pages, double spaced, 12pt times roman font with 1” margins all around.
in order to make your report as informative as possible, you will need to do some research, so you will need to document your research using mla documentation, unless your topic is in a field of study that uses apa exclusively. (you can discuss that with your professor.) you will also need to do a works cited page at the end of your paper documenting the resources used for your report.
the methodology for doing a report is in the field guide under genres and also in another section of the field guide found by following this link:
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