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project 1 -visual commentary on news topics & pop culture issues
task 11: project - visual commentary on news topics & pop culture issues

form your group and select one of the topics from the hot topics & popular culture issues list (see below).
conduct some research on the topic. read articles or view other media to get an understanding of the complex nature of the topic. ask, "what are the issues related to this topic?" and "how do these issues relate to us?"
create an original cartoon or comic strip that demonstrates an understanding of at least 1 aspect or perspective of the topic. a good way to do this would be to show how the topic relates to you and your group members.
print (1) color copy of your cartoon/comic strip and bring it to class. on the back of this copy 1) list names of group members and 2) the resources (websites or texts) you use to help you develop your comic.
print several black/white copies for students in the class.
prepare to give a brief (5 minute or less) presentation during which your group will explain to the class the creative process behind your product.
project presentations will be on monday, november 2, 2015.
this project is worth 30 points. your grade will be based on your participation and input throughout the preparation and presentation process.
do not hand in a hand-drawn cartoon. it must be created using a cartoon/comic strip program or computer generated in microsoft word, paint, etc.
if you are not present for the presentation you will receive an automatic "0" for this task.
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