internal and external conflict within management

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internal and external conflict within management

internal conflict is complication that happens within a character; it may be a moral dilemma the character is facing, or it may take the shape of a choice or a desire.

external conflict occurs between two or more characters or a character and his environment; external conflict is interaction with the setting and other characters of the story. wars, fights, love affairs, trying to get a taxi and all other situations in which characters clash create external conflict.

research question: what is the role of the human resource management in organizational conflict resolution?

from the above, you should explain what role dose hrm have related to conflict resolution
– “employee relations”
–when should organizations use outside mediations/arbitrations?

why they are important?

internal conflict creates individuality for a character; it sets her apart from the rest of the story and gives a motivation for choosing certain actions. it can also be directly related to external conflict.

external conflict sets the overall tone for many stories. multiple characters can be motivated by external conflict, and it creates situations in which characters are forced to interact.

conflict in the workplace can be a positive. not only can it identify issues that are points of weakness for the business, it can also improve the negotiation and mediation skills of those in the office. although constant conflict or an overwhelming amount of conflict can cripple a staff, some conflict is necessary to keep employees on their toes. without any conflict, the staff may become complacent as things always rock along perfectly in the business.

so how do organizations manage conflict so that they can reap the “benefits”?
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