international business

Project Description:

introduce the topic for your final course project in a paper 500 words.
your paper should include responses to questions:
which option did you choose for your project?
i'll choose option 1. prepare in-depth case studies of two companies in a similar industry and compare their globalization experience. be sure to thoroughly cover each company’s market entry strategies. choose from the list provided or choose your own with instructor approval.

if you chose the first option, which two companies did you choose? mc. donald's and starbucks
describe the nature of these businesses and explain why you chose these companies.
total is 15 no negotiable
use sources from these two corporates and citate minimum of 3 sources all paper must be formated in apa
no wiki pages only peer reviewed sources only official sources in the usa
must be done in 3hr. no plagiarism these will be review by plagiarism system
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