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please read question one and two and respond in 150 words on both.

1. as companies strive to keep costs down and be competitive, it becomes more and more difficult to find products that are 100% made in america. to find a label that is "made" in america and is truly made, not just assembled, is becoming harder to find. i work for a manufacturing company that has always been proud to say that we are located in nh and our products are made right here in nh. but, because a certain percentage of the products we purchase from our vendors to build our plasma cutters are from other countries, we must now label our products as "assembled" in america. personally, i strive to purchase products locally and american made, but also know that the clothes i wear, the cell phone i carry and the computer i use, are either built in other countries, or at least parts of them are from other countries. when we purchase items, we must consider service and warranty work that may need to happen, if replacement parts must be imported. if there is another global recession, or if borders are closed for security reasons, we must take into consideration that parts needed for the products we purchase may not be readily accessible.

2. while contemplating this answer i realized that i do not use products from international businesses very often. it's possible that i use them more often than i realize, because i simply don't look at where the company is located. one product that i can remember recently using was a brand of makeup. the company that makes it is based in london. usually, i wouldn't order something that i could get in the us from an international supplier but this one product was particularly special and the brand, the pricing, and the formula was better than it's competitors. the reason i would usually prefer domestic companies when shopping online is that the shipping prices are usually much higher. for businesses in places like london or europe or japan, i trust the products and the standards of those countries being on par with what i want and the quality i expect. however, for products made in countries where i' have researched the national standards and regulations on ingredients, labor practices, and hygiene, and do not agree with those policies, i would not and do not intentionally purchase from those businesses. i do this for personal standards, and also because i do not like to encourage or support businesses or companies that have practices i disagree with, especially when it comes to their labor practices. there are some domestic companies that outsource their productions, and aren't exactly international businesses, but i approach those businesses with the same discerning process. if the international business i used was no longer able to sell me a product i enjoyed, i would inquire as to why and find out if it's a limited shortage. if it was not, i would simply find an equivalent to use.

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