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1. what are some of the pros and cons of globalization and free trade?
2. what is the climate for doing business in india? is it supportive of foreign investment?
3. how does technology result in greater integration and dependencies among economies, political systems, and financial markets, but also greater fragility?
4. how might different ethical philosophies influence how managers make decisions when it comes to offshoring of jobs?
5. what are some strategies for overcoming the impact of counterfeiting? which strategies work best for discretionary (for instance, movies) versus nondiscretionary (pharmaceutical) goods?
6. what dimensions contribute to the differences between how americans and japanese workers address management problems?
7. . how could managers from japan or other asian cultures adopt practices from the u.s. and european cultures when investing in those regions?
8. . what is meant by the term value? are cultural values the same worldwide, or are there marked differences? are these values changing over time, or are they fairly constant? how does your answer relate to the role of values in a culture?
what are recognized guidelines for doing business in:

9. china

10. russia

11. india

12. brazil

13. in what way are parochialism and simplification barriers to effective cross-cultural management? in each case, give an example?
14. how is cultural communication in india similar to that of europe and north america? how is it different?
15. what location would you recommend for disney’s next theme park in asia? why?
16. in managing its euro disneyland operations, what are three mistakes that the company made? explain.
17. what types or organizational culture (family, eiffel tower, guided missile, incubator) would be best for leveraging global teams?
18. . what advantages and problems associated with diversity have been experienced by global teams? how might they be overcome?

the answers are the chapters paraphrase it
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