international marketing in dc area and is personal/ business plan

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this is the task
personal/business plan.
the learner will develop a plan to market his/her services as either an internal or external consultant. as if in the role of the consultant as an entrepreneur, submit a plan for entry into the field, including model, description of office, personnel, and fee structure. a brochure and business cards in marketing package is also an acceptable template for business plan. prior to developing a business plan, design a personalized action plan to achieve those competencies that you have identified within yourself as deficient and critical for the consulting practice. there are skills that you will have to developed outside the scope of this curriculum, what you will need beyond this program, what specifically will you have to do to achieve particular competencies- your action plan.
*** i need this task done in 3 days and this project with outline as well.
my subject is international marketing in washington dc area.

i attached you a sample of it as well.
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