internet scavenger hunt

Project Description:

the internet is a powerful tool for gathering information relevant to your investigation. much (but not
all) of the information made publically available by cities, states, regulators, and other agencies is now
readily available online. this exercise is intended to familiarize you with the resources available, as well
as common searches utilized in support of investigations.
below are questions which you are to answer based on your own search of the internet. in each case,
the result should be available for free on one or more websites. however, you may have to do some
digging to find the answer.

1. list the current company directors and officers of black sheep management inc., a nevada
2. smarter fuel is the trade name of a company doing business in florida. locate and identify the
full name of the company, the state in which it is incorporated, and the name of one of the
members/managers, officers, or the registered agent for the company.
3. what was the change in arch coal inc.’s net accounts receivable (trade) from year end 2009 to
year end 2010?
4. who is the record owner of the website:
5. locate the name of the owner, as listed on the deed, of the residential property located at 5555
walnut hill lane in dallas, tx.
6. is there a mortgage or lien on the property located at 9525 alva court, dallas, tx? if so, what
was the original principal amount?
7. has the facility located in 301 commerce blvd, oldsmar, florida been cited for any type of
environmental violation? if so – was any fine assessed?
8. glenn a. bierman advises clients on financial matters. is mr. bierman currently registered as an
broker or investment advisor? does he have any complaints or disciplinary actions on file?
9. list any civil or criminal matters, past or present, associated with john wiley price in dallas
county? (limit your list to no more than 10)
10. identify and list any real property owned by rosewood properties inc. located in dallas, tarrant,
denton, or collin county.
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