interview preparation

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to complete this task, follow these steps:
write a 250-word reflection of your past interview or interview-like experience (see note below for examples of interview-like experiences).
explain the context, what the interview was for, and how you prepared for it (in terms of both appearance and research for the interview).
describe the positive and negative aspects of the interview and the outcome of the interview.
describe how you will prepare for any weak areas you know you have in your interview skills and maximize your strengths in your up-coming mock interview.
include an apa title page as well as spell check and proofread your work.
note: if you have never interviewed before, you can still complete this assessment by reflecting on an interview-like situation. this can be a time you tried out for a team or a play, applied to a school, gave a speech, or any other time where you consciously prepared for an event and then had to present yourself and your skills, talents, and experiences in a positive way to achieve a desired result.
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