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no data set or software used for this activity
1. for each of the following scenarios identify the sample and population. discuss how data were gathered as well as what descriptive statistics and inferential statistics were used. what is your personal opinion concerning the quality of this study?

a team of nutritionists developed a new dietary supplement for college students. they wanted to know if college students lose weight after taking their supplement for two months. they posted an advertisement at the local university recruiting students to volunteer to participate in their weight loss study. nine students volunteered and they were weighed at the beginning and end of the two month study. they found that the average weight loss was 1.5 pounds. they made a graph showing each participant’s change in weight. they conducted a hypothesis test and found that there was not enough evidence to state that on average college students who take their supplement lose weight.

the sample is the nine students who volunteered and participated in the study. the population is all college students. the variable measured was weight. data concerning weight were gathered at the beginning and end of the two months. the descriptive statistics performed were the average weight change and the graph of each participant’s weight loss [or gain]. in terms of the inferential statistics used, data were analyzed using a hypothesis test to determine if there was evidence to state that in the population college students who take their supplement lose weight.
in my opinion, this is not a good study because there were only nine students who participated and they were all volunteers. this sample may not have been representative of the population. for example, the people who chose to participate may have already been trying to lose weight by exercising a lot.
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