introduction to chemical reaction engineering and kinetics by ronald w. missen charles a. mims bradley a. saville

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9-15: for the (irreversible) gas-liquid reaction a(g) + bb(9 --f products, based on the information
(a) sketch the concentration profiles for both a and b according to the two-film model, and
(b) derive the form of the rate law.
the reaction is zero-order with respect to a, and second-order with respect to b, which is
nonvolatile [(- y*)int = kc;]. assume reaction takes place only in the liquid film, that gas film
mass-transfer resistance for a is negligible, and that es is uniform throughout the liquid
(c) obtain an expression for the enhancement factor, e, for this case.
(d) obtain an expression for the hatta number, ha, and relate e and ha for this case.
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