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task 12: 4

col bernard takes stock of his securities

col bernard is 42 years old, single, and works as a designer for a major architectural firm. he is well paid and over time has built up a sizable portfolio of investments. he considers himself an aggressive investor and, because he has no dependents to worry about, likes to invest in high-risk/high-return securities. his records show the following information.
1. in 2002, col bought 200 shares of ebay (nasdaq; symbol ebay) at $15 a share. (the stock has since split 2 for 1 two times, so he now owns 800 shares of ebay.)
2. in 2003 he bought 250 shares of actavis (formerly watson pharmaceuticals) (nyse; symbol act) at $32.25 a share.
3. in 2000, col bought 200 shares of united technologies corp. (nyse; symbol utx) at $24 a share. (col now owns 400 shares because the stock has since split 2 for 1.)
4. in early 2009, he bought 450 shares of jpmorgan chase (nyse; symbol jpm) at $16 a share.
5. also in 2009, col bought 400 shares of pepsico (nyse; symbol pep) at $52.50 a share.
6. he has $12,000 in a 1 percent money market mutual fund.
every three months or so, col prepares a complete, up-to-date inventory of his investment holdings.
critical thinking questions
1. use a form like worksheet 11.2 to prepare a complete inventory of col’s investment holdings. (note: look in the latest issue of the wall street journal, or pull up an online source such as, to find the most recent closing price of the five stocks in col’s portfolio.)

2. what is your overall assessment of col’s investment portfolio? does it appear that his personal net worth is improving because of his investments?
3. based on the worksheet you prepared in question 1, do you see any securities that you think col should consider selling? what other investment advice might you give col?
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