islam and europe in the early middle ages

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this week, we’re going for a much broader, freer discussion topic: your work over the past weeks has prepared you for a broader, more self-directed approach to the discussion! along with the relevant textbook chapters, and the podcast lecture, this week you have many different short sources posted in this moodle unit from the period c. 500-1000 in the middle east, and europe. please read at least three sources. then, choose just one source and close-read it--tell us about it! describe and analyze it. remember, summarize the source and then make some critical interpretive observations about it, supported by quotations. what’s surprising or interesting about it? what is its style? where does it come from? what does it help us understand about the history it comes from? does it get more interesting when you read it in comparison? read it either in comparison to one of the other sources you read among the primary sources, or in comparison to any earlier source in the course (or sources you’ve encountered outside the course, on your own or in different courses). are there encounters between different cultures, or connections between earlier and later periods that you can speak to? can you put it into context with what was happening in the early middle ages, using the lecture and textbook? these questions are just to get you thinking—please do not try to answer every single one in order!

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