islam empire of faith

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islam empire of faith. part 3 the ottomans (full; pbs documentary)
1) who is osman beeh? and what were his followers called?

2) what’s the word for warrior of the faith?

3) why couldn’t the empire expand to the east or the south of turkey?

4) what did the taking of bursa from the byzantines in 1326 mean for the ottomans?

5) how did the ottomans begin the organization of the empire?

6) did the ottomans, now “rightful standard bearers of the muslim civilization” chase the byzantine clerks from their places? did they oblige the locals of the lands that they passed while establishing their empire, to change their ways of life, culture etc…

7) how did the ottomans solve the problems and dangers rising from other muslim rivals?

8) in at least 3 sentences describe who the janissaries were?

9) what did constantine represent for the ottomans?

10) how did mehmet the conqueror take constantinople?

11) what type of armaments was discovered by the ottomans?

12) who is suleiman? and what was his the nickname in islamic history?

13) what is the name of the greatest architect of suleiman? and name some of his great masterpieces.

14) what does the word “harem” mean?

15) who has much choice in the sultan’s female companions?

16) who are the safavids? what was their capital? and are they sunnis or shiites?

17) describe the safavid architecture in a few words.

18) what was the reason for suleiman’s defeat to take vienna?
19) suleiman’s beloved wife hürrem roxelana is known for eliminating dangers to the sultan’s power. name two dangers that she eliminated.

20) in three to five sentences, do you think that some of the practices of the ottoman empire such as the practice of devshirme (i.e. taking children from the balkan with the objective of training them to serve the empire), the sultan’s system of harem, his killing of his best friend ibrahim pasha and son mustapha, to preserve the sultanate are practices which are accepted or refuted by islam? support your answer by drawing on several aspects of where tradition is parallel/ unparalleled with the religion of islam.
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