isolation of the virtual employee

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in this task, you will discuss what it is like to be a virtual employee, whether you have experienced being a virtual employee or not, and how you think it might affect your performance. procedure the forum, post a substantive, researched, and well-written response to the following: a.have you ever been a virtual employee? has (or would) telecommuting impacted your workplace? how would it affect common goals and communication between departments? might the distance from the office affect promotions and recognition of work? d.discuss the potential social effects of the isolation associated with the work-at-home employee. 2. substantiate your arguments with properly apa-formatted citations from appropriate literature. suggested readings: hayes-brown, t. l., & massiello, l. (2009). keep your virtual employees in the loop. incentive, 183(6), 34-35. [jones e-global library®] leonard, b. (2011). managing virtual teams. hrmagazine 56(6), 38-42. [jones e-global library®] max, s. (2011, october 11). employees alone together. wall street journal. [web]
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