issue paper: due in 5h

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this is the preliminary issue paper that i wrote and you need to write those papers based on this paragraph:

cultural racism is a type of racism where curtain cultures and specific races are targeted. in my opinion, this type of racism is considered as a huge social issue that needs to be banned. however, cultural racism is going to survive for couple reasons. first, the lack of education is to be the main reason that we have cultural racism. lack of education makes people close-minded which definitely leads to racism. another reason is how people were raised. thus, this is a big issue that can hardly be disappeared.

this paper should be 4 pages in length not including works cited page, appendix, or title page.

the purpose of this paper is to give a detailed and clearly defined description of your personal issue and its effect on you. it should use factual information from at least 4 cited sources and should include subheadings. subheadings can include but are not necessarily limited to:

issue, issue management, and creative idea.

the issue section should include:

1) a concise articulation of a focused issue.

2) since the issue should affect you personally, include why and how it relates to you.

3) fundamental referenced information pertaining to issue.

the issue management section should include:

1) a description of how the issue is currently being managed by other organizations.

2) how you believe the issue could be better managed.

the creative idea should include:

1) describe how you would change or improve existing efforts to manage your issue or create a new organization with detailed accounts and step-by-step examples of how it will run and how it will manage/improve your issue.

2) describe how this organization/idea will reach out to the local community and/or abroad.
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