issues/solution to global warming and alternative energy

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1. mckay lecture delivered by robert bryce; 46 minute video-
2. why you should love fossil fuels- 5 minute video!
3. myths, lies, and capitalism- 5 minute video!
4. friends of science video-9 minute video
5. the science of the skeptic position- slide show
6. cool it, bjørn lomborg; lionsgate video; 2010

a. write a report (5-10 pages) convincing your instructor that you studied all of the above material, understood the material.
b. write a two to five page conclusion explaining your opinion about (a) global warming, (b) population increase, (c) the need for power around the world, (d) the consequences of government resource management policies, and (e) whether and how they should be changed.

attached are some notes from the videos.
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