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i already answer this question however i want some experts editing my answer and answer the extra credit too.i want to make sure my answer is correct or not. do i follow all the hw requirements or not? i attached my slides and the book of the course too

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h.w question is:
objective: identify the strategic model and product/service lifecycle requirements for an existing organization for a major corporation/organization. discuss which of the 4 lifecycles is being applied. identify the value streams will be realized upon a successful outcome. identify any models used by the organization, or what plan of action they used if they were the first to implement this it service/product. discuss the architectural approach as listed in page 66 in the architecture and patterns for it (betz) text. points will be awarded based on the ability of the student to incorporate it function, service, process and management definitions, along with value stream initiative correlating to the lean principle(s). definition of relationships of process and flow models should be depicted by flowchart diagrams. inter-relational dependencies external to the corporation should also be denoted, and clearly identified.

deliverable: a maximum 7-slide powerpoint presentation which student will present in class. it must satisfy all the requirements of the objective(s) as listed. proper references and citations must be included on the conclusion slide. the presentation cannot exceed 15 minutes.

10 pts. extra credit will be awarded to student that is able to incorporate a comprehensive and full completed matrix as detailed in pages 138-148 (betz)
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