it personnel roles and business value

Project Description:

in this task you will choose one it specialist role and describe the purpose of the role, potential performance measurements for the role, and what business benefits are associated with the role.


read theme 3 and think about it roles you might be familiar with, perhaps a role you did not see the value of in the past.
search on the internet or at the career area of large companies for job sites that define a specific it role.
in the forum, in no more than three paragraphs, address the following:
pick one it specialist role and describe the functions performed by the role.
indicate the potential job performance measurements that could be used by a manager of the role/associated with the role. (job descriptions might be useful for this step.)
state the business value provided by the role. how does this value correlate to the job performance measures you've identified?
you are using information you've found in another source so cite your source using apa standards to format your citations.
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