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coding a project of this size requires some planning and time. work on building a blueprint for the program throughout the term. having a blueprint will make the coding simpler and keep you from going down dead ends. some important things to work on early:
• if the application is using more than one screen (console applications have no choice.), what is the flow between screens? a flow chart that covers all of the possible screen access possibilities will avoid logic problems in the application.
• break the program down into a set of classes that will work together to execute the program. object oriented programs are easier to write than structured programs because each class has one set of functionality that it does well and working on one piece at a time makes the programming easier. list out the properties and methods that each class will use so that the relationship between the classes can be established. (software engineers create formal class diagrams that show the class hierarchy of a program and how they interrelate. a formal class diagram is not required for this project, but sketching a rough diagram will make things easier.)
• optional: error handling can have unexpected results if not done correctly. diagram how your exception handling will work by sketching a flow chart.
• validation can be as tricky as error handling, so sketching a diagram is also useful.
• devise a strategy for handling data. the data may be held in objects in memory, or, optionally, in text files. if you decide to use memory objects, then there should be separate objects for employee information and their time clock records. the employee memory object (or employee.txt flat file) will be relatively simple since there are no deletes or modifications to an input value. employees will be employee id order. the time clock memory object (or timeclock.txt file) is a different story because the records will not be in employee id order; they will be in the order that an employee punched in or out. when generating a report it will be necessary to find all of the data for each employee and output it in chronological order. the chronological order is already in the memory object (or file) because we are not deleting or modifying any data. the program will only need to group all of the data for an employee together. this can be done in several ways (you may choose which is best, or come up with another solution):
o when an employee punches in or out the program can search the data file and insert the value after the last entry for that employee.
o the system can sort the values in the file in memory as part of the reporting functionality, leaving the data in the file in its original order.

caution is in order because the records should have the punch in time and punch out time for a single day in order. (they will be in that order in the file, because someone has to punch in before they punch out. the program specifications require checking for a ‘punched in’ record before saving a ‘punched out’ record.)
note: the separate screen descriptions are for console applications. the gui application may use one or more screens, as appropriate, but the functionality shall remain the same).
note: functionality labeled as optional does not have to be implemented. it is for students who would like to write a more challenging program.
note: those developing a gui application will replace the ‘input values’ with appropriate gui objects such as buttons. for example, instead of inputting ‘a’ for add new employee, create a button for adding a new employee.
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