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this is a java program

our project is about employee management system which keeps information about employees such as employee name, employee id, employee address, hire date, salary and so on. the purpose of this employee management system is to provide an efficient and reliable way of trucking employee records and updating the record as needed. the application will have some futures like adding new employees, deleting employees, changing existing record and providing some sort of report.the program should be able to store the data (employee record) in file for future use. our application will have a user interface which a user can easy interact with the application in a user friendly way.
the program should have the following classes
class person
class employee
class manager
class employeedemo

please use file connection to the java program.
-the program should accept input from the keyboard and store it in file and display it to screen as well
-it should it should prompt the user before deleting or modifying the employee record
-should provide a report
-it should have a menu
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