john snyder was excited to learn of his appointment as

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john snyder was excited to learn of his appointment as circuit electronics corporation's new vendor sales representative to household appliance, inc. for the past four years, circuit electronics has supplied all of the electric switches used in household's washers and dryers. as circuit electronics' vendor sales representative, john snyder's job involves the following tasks.1. working with household engineers to design electric switches that can be manufactured to meet household's cost and quality requirements.2. assisting household in resolving any problems related to electt1c switches.3. monitoring the inventory levels of electric switches at household and placing orders for additional switches when appropriate. this appointment will require john to move to stutgart, germany, for two years. although john has mixed feelings about the move, he is familiar with the success of the program in improving circuit electronics' financial performance. he is also very much aware of the fact that the two previous vendor sales representatives received promotions at the end of their john toured the household factory in stutgart with his predecessor, janet smith, his excitement turned to concern. it became apparent that circuit electronics had not been supplying household with the best available switches at the lowest possible costs. although the switches were adequate, they were more likely to wear out after five or six years of use than would switches currently on the market (and being used by household's competitors). furthermore, when the switches in transit by ship from north america to europe were counted, it also appeared that the inventory level of electric switches would soon be more than enough to satisfy household's needs for the next four months.requiredif you were john, what would you do?
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