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write a two paragraph essay analyzing the johnson & johnson credo in terms of the stakeholder model of corporate social responsibility.
1. in one paragraph identify the four stakeholder groups named in the credo. tell how this list of stakeholders supports the stakeholder model against the classical model of csr.
2. in the next paragraph evaluate the order in which the four stakeholder groups are listed. do you think this is the proper order of priority for johnson & johnson, or would your recommend a different order? if so, what order do your recommend? defend your answer (whether you agree with the order or not).

compose a list of four prima facie duties that you think johnson & johnson should include in their core values. write 1-2 sentences justifying your choice of each pf duty you choose. your justification for your choices must be based on the wording and/or content of the credo.

two notes:
o at least two of the prima facie duties you choose must come from the "baker's dozen." the others may come from the baker's dozen or the business-specific duties we have introduced so far (including those introduced in week 3).
o your four prima facie duties do not have to match one-for-one with the four stakeholder groups listed in question 1, though it is certainly okay if they do.

• download the attached pdf file and open it.
• read the paragraphs concerning jack welch. (go to the middle of page 2, to the section "compliance vs. the right thing." begin with the paragraph "jack welch provides another example." read from there to the end of the section.)
• write an analysis and evaluation of welch's actions based on the johnson & johnson credo. this analysis should include an overall assessment of the appropriateness or inappropriateness of welch's actions and at least three specific places in which the credo justifies or supports that assessment. you should also incorporate the concepts and language of the ross-garrett model into your application of the credo to welch's actions.
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