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journal page: a journey through critical thinking

the task requires sharing insights on classroom experience, tasks, etc.and will be posted in the dropbox (due day 7). to practice livetext procedures, the content of the journal page in a word document in livetext as well. please contact me once you posted it in livetext and you checked the task is uploaded.

as you reflect, organize, draft, and review your journal page, consider the following questions:

1. how do you feel your learning of critical thinking has progressed over the class?
2. what was your biggest strength as a critical thinker at the beginning of the class? what is it now? has it changed? why or why not?
3. thinking back over the entire class, what did you struggle with most in this class? why? if you were able to overcome this difficulty, what made you successful? if not, what do you think could have helped?
4. what do you think you improved on most? what do you still need to work on? how do you plan to continue developing your skills as a critical thinker?

i strongly recommend you to use various sources for academic writing of journal entries (example: "scholarly writing" posted in our class webliography). ultimately, make sure you review and revise, check, and double-check punctuation, spelling, and formatting of your text.
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