journal article annotation

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complete an annotation of the following article:

christensen, c.m., bohmer, r., & kenagy, j. (2000). will disruptive innovations cure health care? retrieved from

guidelines for annotating an article

a good annotation accomplishes three objectives. first it provides a summary of the main thesis of the article including the conclusion and how those conclusions were reached. second, is provides an assessment of the information and how the author uses the information to support their conclusions. finally, it provides a reflection as to how useful the article was to the reader in terms of their research or practice.there are few standards for writing annotations. for the purposes of this class please use the following format.

apa citation of the article being annotated.
label first section: critical summary of the article. in this section briefly summarize the article and provide any critiques or comments as to the overall content of the article.
3. label the second section- critical summary of the research. in this section summarize the research methodology including the design of the research, sample size, sampling methods and other elements of the research process. provide an opinion as to the appropriateness of the author’s research approach. if the article is not research based but relies or comments on another authors research go the that authors article and review their research or if the articles author is correct in their assessment.
4. label the third section-critical summary of the results and conclusions. in this section summarize the author’s results, conclusions, and recommendations. provide a critique of the same and comment as to the usefulness of the article for your research or practice.
5. references-provide a list of articles or books that you may have drawn from in order to develop your critique.
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