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tco i) accounts receivable - for each of the following, please explain if an auditor’s review of the client’s sales cutoff would detect these problems:
(a) would excessive goods returned for credit be detected by a sales cut-off test – why or why not?
(b) would unrecorded sales discounts be detected by a sales cut-off test – why or why not?
(c) lapping of year-end accounts receivable be detected by a sales cut-off test – why or why not?
(d) inflated sales for the year – could it be detected by a sales-cut-off test – why or why not? (points : 35)

2. (tco j) utilizing the “auditing through the computer approach” explain what types of procedures you would perform as an auditor in evaluating an online order processing system. name a control that could compensate for inadequate segregation of duties in a computer system. (points : 35)

3. (tco k) when considering the use of management’s written representations as audit evidence about the completeness of an assertion, an auditor should understand that such representations – select one of the answers that best completes this sentence and explain your response:
(a) constitute sufficient evidence to support the assertion when considered in combination with a sufficiently low assessed level of control risk.
(b) complement, but do not replace, substantive tests designed to support the assertion.
(c) are not part of the evidence considered to support the assertion.
(d) replace a low assessed level of control risk as evidence to support the assertion. (points : 35)
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