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problem 1: (need complete answer by 31 october no later than 9pm eastern standard us time (new york)
suppose that you are working for a manufacturing company and want to visualize the types of defects that are occurring along with how many times each defect occurs. see the (attached file) for the data
tasks: excel, create a pie chart and a bar chart with an appropriate vertical axis, horizontal axis, and title.
2. copy and paste each chart into a word document .
3. the attached file contains an example of what the final chart should look like, (see attached file)
4. titles and numbers will be different. (do not just copy the attached chart) remove professor's chart examples and insert the pie chart and bar chart you created with different titles and numbers.
5) include excel file showing the created pie chart and bar chart with the vertical axis, horizontal axis and title when you submit the proposal back to me
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