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first think i need for this wednesday is to fix the last task where you had to answer 3 questions on a case that i reattached. (fair & lovely) i liked what you wrote but the professor said that i didn't tackle the question. so now please write each question and provide an answer to them. i attached the case again. try to specifically address the questions. this is due on wednesday two days from now.

second task is a 3 minute presentation that i have to make on responsible marketing. you have the word document that describe the requirement as well as some pdf files that are supposed to help you understand responsible marketing along csr lines. i will need some power point slides on a product/company that shows responsible marketing. please read the requirements carefully this time. this is only due on the 1st of novemeber. the pdf files are just for reference. use them if you wish if you need guidance for this task. i found the seven keys helpful and the coca cola marketing in the charter pdf. i will pay you 40$ for both the one you have to correct and this. but the correction is due in 2 days.
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