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name: ____________________________________________
this essay/ case is worth 40 points toward the exam 3 grade.
read the attached case “zappos does it with humor”. you may also supplement your answers with information that you research about zappos/ tony hsieh.
watch the related video “culture is priority one” (6 minutes).
please answer the questions thoroughly, yet as concisely as possible. use your own words, do not copy verbatim. use of direct quotes should be kept to a minimum.
you should be able to answer each question (all parts) effectively in no more than four pages (double-spaced). you will not be penalized if more than four pages, but work to be concise.
cite appropriate sources that will add value to your answers; provide reference list for any articles/ sources used. reference list is not part of the total pages.
use double spaced, 12-point times new roman font.
submit on mycourses as a word document. responses are due mon 8/3/15 11:59 p.m.

essay rubric q1 q2
answers all sections of the question with presence of relevant, well-defined, clear statement of the issues. your answers should be supported with references including the text book and other valid sources. use apa format.



cohesive organization with transitions that bridge ideas together.


well written with no major or minor errors in word selection and use, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.






1. (20 points). what traits of effective leadership does tony hsieh demonstrate at zappos? give examples. what aspects of his leadership would you criticize if any? discuss whether his approach is transferable or whether it is situation and/or person specific. what aspects, if any, of his approach/philosophy could be useful for leaders in your organization and industry?

2. (20 points). apply the contingency model (p. 306) to tony hsieh and zappos by selecting a leader behavior style, describing task/ leader characteristics, subordinate characteristics and outcomes; use at least two examples from the information in the case or supporting references that you include.
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