learning more about self-marketing

Project Description:

n this research assessment, you are to explore self-marketing techniques and report on your present and future self-marketing plans.
write a paper with a length of 800 words that includes the following:
defines self-marketing.
cites two articles on self-marketing and includes the following for each:
summarizes each article using your own words and covering the major points of the articles.
lists the points from the article you find most valuable for your own self-marketing goals and plans. reflects on how you already self-market such as by word-of-mouth, networking connections, and general self-presentation. also consider online social networking such as the use of facebook, myspace, or twitter; professional networking sites like linkedin; your personal website (if you have one); and other ways you promote yourself online.
lists the techniques you plan to use in marketing yourself during your job search and explain how you will use them, giving specific examples.
includes an apa title page and works cited.
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