left in the lurch

Project Description:

when making decisions in the workplace, our actions often have a cost or a benefit. analyzing the costs and benefits of
a specific action can help us determine the best action to take. in this lab, you will use a table to analyze the possible
costs and benefits of decisions.
read the following scenario:
jim arrived at work today and found that sara had called in sick. jim thought that he saw sara at the gas station on his
way to work this morning. it was a car like hers, and he is pretty sure that it was her license plate. jim and sara were
supposed to give a big presentation to the ceo today, and sara never sent him her slides for the powerpoint.
determine three actions that jim could take. consider the costs and benefits of each option that jim could take to
respond to this situation. you will record this information in a table in a microsoft word document.
complete the following tasks:
 create a microsoft word document table with three rows and four columns.
 title the first column “possible responses” and then list three possible actions jim may take.
 title the second column “shows integrity?” and then identify and explain whether the option shows integrity
or not.
 title the third column “cost of response” and then list the costs that each decision may have.
 title the fourth column “benefits of responses” and then list the benefits that each decision may have.
 make all of the words in the first row bolded and centered.
 highlight the row that includes the response that you believe jim should take.
 below the table, explain in paragraph form which option you decided that jim should take and why.
submission requirements:
 submit your response as a word document of a minimum of two pages.
 use arial, 12-point font and double-spacing.
 perform a spelling and grammar check.
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