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in january 2013, john solomon was hired as a chief financial officer of dying to meet you enterprises, a group of companies that owned and operated funeral homes and cemeteries and sold “pre-need” funeral contracts. under state law 80% of the monies obtained under such a contract must be set aside in trust until the death of the person for whose benefit the funds were paid.
shortly after solomon was hired, the firm began having financial problems. solomon used monies from the funeral contracts to pay operating expenses, including business entertainment expenses.
ms. lucy earthtothewall, overheard solomon tell the corporate attorney about his plan to use the pre-need monies. she told her husband, sandy, who worked at one of the cemeteries as a gravedigger, about the financial problems and the plan to use the “pre-need” monies.
a recently deceased man was brought to one of the funeral homes. fred was responsible for taking an inventory of the personal property of new arrivals. fred discovered $2,000 in the deceased man’s coat pocket. fred took the money and placed it in his pocket for safekeeping. at the end of his shift fred went home.
sandy, overheard his wife talking to a family member of the deceased man. the family member told lucy about the man’s last wish to “take it with him”. lucy could not find the money in the filling cabinet where personal property is stored.
fred arrives at work and is directed by hank to go see sandy. sandy tells fred to hand over the $2,000. fred denies any knowledge of the $2,000. sandy begins to drive his tractor toward fred, who stumbles into an open grove. sandy pushes a scoop full of dirt into the grave.
sandy stops the tractor and tells fred to hand over the money. fred again denies any knowledge but gives $100 from his pocket to sandy. sandy takes the money and drives off. fred tries to get out of the grave and falls back, he is later rescued from the grave.
sandy tells hank that fred would not five up the money. hank pushes sandy and they engage in a fist fight. hank accuses sandy of keeping all the money himself. sandy leaves work and returns later that night and breaks the lock on the tractor shed and drives off on the tractor. sandy fills in all the open graves, and knocks over several headstone monuments.
solomon used part of the “pre-need” monies to make repairs to the cemetery and replace the headstone monuments. solomon, immediately informed his sales staff to emphasize the sales of “pre-need” contracts. alice, the top salesperson, sold 10 new contracts in one week. she and solomon have been close personal friends since solomon began working for dying to met you enterprises. alice knew the money would be used to make repairs to the cemetery.
discuss all relevants issues.
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