leonardo da vinci, and gabriel garcia marquez compare and contrast

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hello, i need for you to please write me 5-7 well developed pages, that include an introduction, body, and conclusion. 5-7 pages do not include the title the title page, and reference page. topic; think about gabriel garcia marquez, and leonardo da vinci. what do you find most interesting about them? consider their lives, work, themes, etc. after brainstorming these, create a thesis that strongly links the two lives, and their work together, and build/develop/focus your paper around that. remember; what you write about in the paper must be specifically introduced in your introductory paragraph/thesis statement. also, each paragraph should be very well developed, and keep a focus that is tightly connected to your introduction/thesis statement. apa style is a requirement. the entire paper must be in apa style. 4 in-text citations are required. this means that you will need a reference page. the paper must be typed, double-spaced, and use a 12 point font. i want to know how much you will charge for this.
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