life span journal

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as we continue to focus on self-awareness and diversity, create a life-span journal in chronological order that highlights significant events that have impacted your worldview and cultural perspective starting from birth until now. please organize this task in chronological order and code the category of the event.

identify the category and include a short narrative about how the event shaped your life, your perspectives, and your perceptions about yourself and diversity.

link these events to the developmental theories, to the development of barriers to diversity, and your development of stereotypes and your development of self-awareness about diversity.

categories with codes to include

family events (f)

relationship events—(r)

school/academic events—(s)

career events—(c)

religious/spiritual events—(r/s)

challenging events—(ch)

reflection: what have you learned from this reflection activity?
the resource
text: diversity consciousness, 3rd edition, 2010, bucher. pearson education/prentice hall
resource: building cultural intelligence (cq), nine megaskills. 2008, bucher. pearson education/prentice hall
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