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how do you use order of operations?
think of a time when you had to follow a set of directions exactly, step-by-step, to serve a purpose in your personal and professional life and answer the following questions:

how would you describe the process you followed in detail, from beginning to end?
why did you need to follow this set of directions exactly, step-by-step?
what might have happened if you had not followed the directions exactly?
next you will apply the order of operations to the mathematical world.

create an expression to solve using the order of operations. this expression must include at least one set of parenthesis and at least three operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide, or exponent).
show how you would simplify this expression using the order of operations correctly. be sure to show each step of your simplification.
show how this may be solved incorrectly if you simplify this expression from left to right, ignoring the order of operations.
note: please make sure your discussion board post is appropriate for all audiences.

you may not copy/paste examples from your text or the internet but must develop your own expression. examples found elsewhere will result in 0 points earned for this portion of the discussion.
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