linear programming

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three types of gasoline are manufactured by a company – regular, super, and extra. regular should have at least 11percent additive 1 and 17 percent additive 2. super should have at least 13 percent additive 1 and 22 percent additive 2. extra should have at least 17 percent additive 1 and 19 percent additive 2. these are made by using two crudes – a and b. crude a cost $28 per barrel and is 14 percent additive 1 and 18 percent additive 2. crude b costs $30 per barrel and is 20 percent additive 1 and 24 percent additive 2. the demand for regular is projected to be 1,000 barrels, while each of the others has a demand of 2,000 barrels. formulate this as a linear programming problem to minimize cost while meeting all constraints.
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