linear programming using ampl

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**solve linear programming problems using ampl software

in this task, you are expected to use ampl to solve the problems 3.4-15(b) (cargo plane problem) and 3.4-16(b) (oxbridge university problem) from the textbook (9th edition). submit a pdf document that summarizes the work done and solutions found. in this document,

write down the mathematical models of the problems (clearly define decision variables, parameters, objective function and constraints with proper notation)

write down the optimal solution (the optimal values of decision variables and objective function) found with ampl

include screen shots that show that you have run ampl and got the results

copy and paste model and data files that you have used to run ampl. do not forget to indicate the numbers of the task problems as you copy and paste the files.

-you need to use both data and model files to solve the task problems. solving at least one problem with a data file is a requirement of this task. i would like you to learn how to create data files for ampl and how to solve models with data files, since the end goal of this task is not solving small task problems but mastering the use of ampl.
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